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are a Melbourne based ensemble performing

earthy, vibrant, innovative, eastern tinged compositions, with ancient rhythms and cinematic beauty. 

Melbourne based Samassin play cinematic original music in a world fusion vein. Samassin are currently realising album two; Sin Samas, six evocative long form works all paying homage to our star the Sun (Samas) and our roving lunar companion; "Sin" Their album “Golden Muse”, released in early 2016, is rich with exotic melodies and grooves, each piece a vivid and emotional journey. The sound is rich and textured and the members play with passion and energy. Written by composer Kirsty Pittman and beautifully interpreted by the band, these enigmatic highly detailed compositions draw on the influences of jazz, contemporary art music and traditional rhythmic and melodic ideas from the Middle-East and India. The band are also skilled improvisors and each composition also has an improvisatory element.  


The music contains overlapping cycles, architecture with moving parts and a sense of temporal transformation. Where universal themes of natural cycles and ancient rhythms become a path to acceptance, love, and the oneness of humanity explored through music that is truly global in scope.


Formed in 2014, Samassin  play the intimate venues of the inner north, house concerts and festivals. They spent June and July 2015 on a Europe tour performing in venues in Istanbul and Berlin

and regional parts of Turkey and Germany.


The band

Kirsty Pittman (Guitar/Vocals Kirsty is a prolific composer, teacher and educator. Kirsty recently furthered her study of composition studying contemporary composition under Stuart Greenbaum at the Melbourne Conservatorium. Her works have been played by chamber ensembles and massed guitar ensemble in the wonderful Melba Hall. She loves exploring exotic Arabic and Indian-inspired ideas in her work. Composing and playing in Samassin is her main passion,  yet she finds time for many other projects in Melbourne, currently; a guitarist/arranger in a modern tango sextet; La Busca , The Melbourne Tango Orchestra,  Bulgarian Womens Choir; Sedyenka, South Indian vocal performances, and performing in western and Indian collaboration such as the Shruthi Laya ensemble.

Kirsty teaches guitar, bass, vocals and composition in Melbourne.

Belinda Woods (Flute/Alto Flute)  Belinda is an improvising musician/composer living in Melbourne, Australia. Predominantly a flautist, Belinda performs as a soloist and appears in many ensembles including her own groups Lo-Res (six piece chamber jazz) 

A PhD graduate of the VCA, Belinda was the recipient of a 2015 Creative Victoria Scholarship for excellence and a 2009-2012 APRA recipient as well as being selected as a finalist in the 2011 APRA Professional Development Awards. She has been invited to perform in Festivals across Australia, Japan and Europe as well as independently curated events in Melbourne.

Daniel Hoban (Darbuka/Frame drums/Guitar) A founding member of Samassin, Daniel has being performing and music making on guitars, bass and percussion since childhood. A renowned guitar maker and restorer in Melbourne he is an instrumentalist from conception, execution through to stage.

Justin Lim (Bass Clarinet/Clarinet) A founding member of Samassin, Justin is a fan of playing in community ensembles including Sinestra (A left handed wind quartet), the Heidelberg Wind Ensemble and Orkestra Glasso Bashalde He is drawn to music that covers the less traversed palettes, and Samassin is a perfect band in which to explore unique ideas.

Gustavo Moreno (Percussion) Gustavo is a musician and  drummer originally from Columbia,  who is currently working on a variety of musical projects, from live performances, studio recordings, to educational activities and the promotion and organisation of events. He is a teacher of drum kit and percussion, with students across Melbourne.

Previous collaborators include:  Claire Johnstone (Violin), Patrick Lyons (double bass),

Volkan Susuzer Flutes/Qanun, Shanti Pradhan (Electric Bass) and Aurora Darby (Vocals)


"Samassin is a Melbourne-based band that takes its inspiration from Balkan, Arabic and jazz traditions. Guitarist and vocalist Kirsty Pittman composes the original tunes while the quartet also features players Justin Lim (clarinet and bass clarinet); Claire Johnstone (violin) and Daniel Hoban (guitar, mandolin and percussion). The sound is rich and textured and the quartet's members play with passion and energy, with each musician equally comfortable soloing or playing as part of the ensemble. Hoban is particularly riveting to watch on the darbuka and frame drum while Pittman's sophisticated melodies paint pictures and stories. The connection between the players is also worth-noting: it's clear that these four know they are creating a special sound. "     Cath Ferla




" This will be very special! All their performances here have been magical and we are certain that this one will be no less amazing...don't miss it! "


Dusan, Farouk's Olive (owner) Opa Bato band master

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